In order to enjoy your ride safely, regular maintenance is the key for every vehicle, and the same goes for Polaris motorcycles. Namely, the better the care, the better the bike performance will be, and above all, it will last for much longer, meaning that you can enjoy riding your bike for years without having to worry that it will break down. Of course, there are certain things that demand more attention, which is something we will further focus on.

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Pick the original parts


Proper maintenance is the key, regardless of whether we are talking about cleaning the vehicle or replacing old parts with new ones. The biggest mistake people make is not going with the original parts for their Polaris motorcycle. The biggest reason this happens is the price, as original parts cost a bit more, but when you look at all the problems going with a bit cheaper solution can cause, the choice should get much easier. Namely, original Polaris parts grant high-quality performance of the motorcycle, even the one you have had for a while now.

The looks of these spare parts can seem the same, but performance-wise, there is a huge difference. An experienced driver can easily notice this while driving, which is why they also strongly suggest always picking original parts. Overall, just because one wants to save a few bucks right now can cause various problems in the future, and in the end, the costs of repairs can get much higher, as non-original parts can cause other problems with the vehicle.

So, if the goal is to have a safe motorcycle you can drive everywhere you want, the best choice is to replace old parts with new and original ones, as they come directly from the manufacturer and also come with a warranty.

Regular check-ups

As already stated, proper and regular maintenance is the key, and the oil is one of the aspects you need to check regularly. The best way to check whether there is something wrong with the bike is by checking the oil. Namely, if the consumption is much higher, it is a signal that something is wrong.

Reacting as soon as possible is the key to prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle, and you can easily do so by going to the mechanic. Besides that, you can always do it on your own if you are familiar with what to look for and what to check. In general, even those who never had a bike before can easily notice if something doesn’t properly work, and once again, the key is to react as soon as you notice something.

On the other hand, prevention can do both, prolong the life of your motorcycle and save you some money. That is where proper service can play a huge role, especially in cases when you constantly ride your bike. Namely, every vehicle has a recommended type of service that needs to be done depending on the mileage, and this rule is there for a reason because, after a while, certain parts can be worn down. Safety always comes first, which is why going to the mechanic after a certain mileage is not just highly recommended but a must.

Tire check


Tires are there not just to provide a more comfortable ride for drivers, as their purpose is also to keep us safe from the bumps. Understandably, even tires should be changed after a certain period of time, which is why checking the pressure and tire tread are important.

The only way to find out the condition of the tires and whether they are in good shape or not is by checking the pressure and tread, as it can give you an insight into whether buying a new pair is a must or not. Some experienced mechanics can even predict how long you can drive safely with the tires you have by the looks of them and the pressure in tires and tire tread.

Of course, let’s leave these assumptions and predictions to the professionals, as the goal is to drive safely and have the best possible experience, which is only possible if the tires are in great shape. Tires play a tremendous role here, and their ability to grip rugged terrain makes them so valuable. Once again, we all want to feel comfortable while driving, and under-inflated tires or damaged tread can make the ride more difficult and less comfortable. In the end, if the tires are badly damaged, it will increase the risk of some accidents, which is not something anyone wants.

Check the coolant

Yet another thing everyone can do by themselves and at home is to check the coolant. Namely, coolant is one of the key components that keep the motor from overheating, which is something every driver is well aware of how important it is.

A common mistake is believing that car and motorcycle coolants look and work the same, which is a wrong assumption, as just like oil, motorcycle coolant differs a lot from the one used for bikes. This means that if you really want to prevent causing any damage to your motor because of overheating, avoid using spare parts from other vehicles, as this can only cause more damage.

Understandably, this is also something that can be easily noticed if you regularly check your bike before hitting the road or if you take your bike to the mechanic for regular service. If you notice something is wrong with the coolant and are familiar with how to replace it, it’s good to know the model and type of the bike just to be sure to order the original coolant.

The good thing is that this is not that difficult, and even those not that familiar with how to replace it can easily do it, as all that’s needed is to check which part is the best, order it, and simply replace it. As for how often coolant needs to be replaced – it all depends on the type of motorcycle, the mileage, and your driving preferences.