You must have once wondered if it is possible to make money on games or serve exclusively for entertainment. Of course, it is possible, and in many ways, not only if you are a professional gamer. There are many ways to make money, from creating games to selling items in the game.

Every great game spawns a cult-like following, and (if it provides the possibility of trading collectible items) generates a whole unique market, sometimes with insane cash flow on a daily basis. Dota 2 is no exception to this rule. There’s really no sure way of telling how much money is in this market, but one thing is clear – you can make real money from selling Dota 2 items.

The market in which virtual items are traded is highly liquid, items can be instantly sold if the price is right and get a certain amount of money for them. In case the price items a little higher, until the sale can wait up to several days, maybe weeks, and the payment of money is executed within one working day. Let’s check out how to do this.

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Two basic ways of selling Dota 2 items

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Just like with Team Fortress 2 or CS:GO, Valve has developed an “official” market for Dota 2 items. You can buy and sell them on Steam Marketplace. Transactions conducted there are very secure and there’s basically no way of getting scammed if you’re careful. But the Steam Marketplace has one significant downside: you can’t cash out your funds. If you are a Steam user, you can sell all the suitable items on the market. If you sell them, you get part of that price, while the other part goes directly to Valve’s bank account. Earned money is added to your Steam wallet. You can’t turn your virtual assets into real money.

And there are fair reasons for this. It’s not that Gaben wants to limit the players’ freedom. Rather, he aims to protect the fandom. A good example of this can be the CS:GO market, where there used to be a lot of illegal transactions (primarily as part of the money laundering process). Thus, Valve prefers not to permit players to sell skins for real money.

Of course, if you sell Dota 2 items on the Steam Marketplace, you get virtual funds that you can use to buy other items or even games. But there’s no way of converting them into real money. And that’s where third-party services come in handy. They are an alternative, “unofficial” way of selling game items that is absolutely safe and legit.

Third-party marketplaces such as Skinwallet are designed to allow you to turn virtual money into real cash. So, if you sell a wearable or a cool loading screen, you can instantly send the revenue to your PayPal account. Isn’t that cool? That’s the primary way of making real money selling Dota 2 items

How does it all work?

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It’s quite simple. The Skinwallet interface is designed to provide the best user experience possible. There are two options of selling tradable items – Instant, for which you get a “flat”, but nonetheless attractive price straight to your e-wallet, and the Market option. And that’s where things start to get really interesting.

If you decide to sell your Dota 2 items on the Skinwallet Market, you can set your own price for them. The customers will decide if the price itself is attractive or not, and they’ll be able to conduct a safe, fair transaction with you. This process can be a lot more time-consuming than the Instant Sell procedure, but it allows for you to generate a lot more real revenue. It’s up to you if you want instant cash flow, or wait a bit to earn even more money.

Two of the most common tradable categories are collectibles and loading screens which can bring a great atmosphere into everyday gaming sessions. So, the best way of getting real money from selling Dota 2 items is to invest your time in dropping them in-game and then selling them on Skinwallet. To conduct your first transactions, it’s necessary to register on the Skinwallet site, and then add the Steam exchange URL to it. That way, you can instantly see how much your items can be sold for.

Is this less safe than the Steam Marketplace?

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Skinwallet’s staff has put much thought into the user experience and safety. First of all, every transaction you conduct is encrypted and protected. No one can see your banking data, your PayPal info, or any other sensitive information you enter during the registration process.

But that’s not all. If you plan to buy a Dota 2 item, every offer on the Skinwallet market has a point of reference – the average Steam price. With that information in mind, you always know if a particular offer is overpriced or underpriced. Moreover, there’s a special category of “Hot Offers” where the best deals are always highlighted. The safety factor is basically the same here as it is on the Steam Marketplace, and the user experience tends to be even better.

Final thoughts

In general, people’s lives are starting to become more digital. Digitization is the backbone of ours everyday life, and for some of us a large part of where we spend our time. Often for meeting our entertainment needs, we spend on video games, videos, music, or social media. Initially, real items were sold, such as books or clothes, but they were not sold there stopped. For many people, video games are becoming more and more real life, so the step of buying an item in a “new” created life is a perfectly normal decision.

If you spend most of your days in this world, why not increase your satisfaction by buying virtual goods to which you add your personal style to the world. The chances of becoming a millionaire this way do not exist, but you can earn some money that you can spend on buying games or buying items to expand your business in the Steam market.