As the world changes, we see more and more residential and commercial areas being built in and around Birmingham City. Along with new restaurants, takeaways and public areas, pest infestations are on the rise. Council budget cuts have resulted in free of charge pest control services in Birmingham being reduced and, in some cases, completely removed. This has resulted in many homes and businesses having to find alternative ways to rid their properties of pests.

Prevention Better Than Cure

Prevention is always better than cure, so taking certain pest control precautions is the best preventative measure you can take:

  • Remove sources of food and water
  • Make sure any foods which are left out are covered and sealed in a container
  • Keep outside areas clean and tidy, removing waste as soon as possible
  • Cover any holes or areas in which a pest may like to make its nest

Have those pests still managed to make themselves at home? OK, depending on the type of pest you have in the property will determine the best course of action. If it is a new infestation which has taken hold, then there are products which can be bought in the shops or from local vets which can help. Pesticides, natural sprays and powders and other bait traps, can all be used to try and treat the problem. However, most shops bought products will not be as effective as the products available to professional pest controllers.

Pests That Need a Professional Touch

According to pest control services such as Pest Busters, it is possible to quickly and efficiently eradicate those nasty pests. With proper equipment and needed tools, this job is done seamlessly and you will have the situation under control in no time.

Here are some reasons why hiring a pest control service can be the right decision:

  • Pests can carry extremely harmful diseases which can make you and the household very poorly. A pest controller is best placed to remove the infestation and limit the exposure of these diseases to you, your family and your colleagues.
  • Time is of the essence, and professional pest controllers are trained to deal with pests on a daily basis. This means they will know how to stop it and treat it correctly straight away.
  • Pest controllers will have the right equipment first time and will know how to use the product correctly for maximum effect. The products will be industrial strength and will be able to fight the epidemic immediately.
  • Professional pest removal services will be able to locate the source of the infestation and treat it at the heart of the problem, keeping any new infestations at bay.


It is possible to treat pests at home with shop bought pesticides and other products, but the most efficient and effective way of removing rats, fleas, mice, bees, bedbugs and all other troublesome mini beasts, is to get the professionals in!

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