Slingback pumps are so comfortable because you don’t have to wear socks with them. Moreover, they raise your height by an additional six inches. Slingback shoes, of course, are so chic that you can wear them with any bottom for a casual yet chic look.

Today, we are going to talk about slingback pumps and the kinds that are currently popular. They are back in style, so you should try these shoes because they will be everywhere this year. We’re here to give you some of the best suggestions for what to wear with them and how to do it right. Stay tuned to find the patterns you like best and pair them with great bottoms.

What is the slingback pump?


In Italy, the designers say, Modern shoes for women and bags are always among the most in-style items, especially in light of the most recent fashion trends. What makes things so special? These chic shoes have been in demand for some time, but only recently have they taken over the market.

They add class to any outfit, especially when worn with pants, or skirts that are timeless and uncomplicated. First and foremost, these shoes for women have an ankle strap that wraps around the back, sides, and heel of the shoe. Yes, they have a strap that keeps your women’s shoes from falling off the back. Wear a denim jacket, skinny jeans with ripped knees, and block-heel slingback heels for a smart-casual look.

What to combine slingback pumps?

In the following lines, we will give you some ideas on how to combine this type of footwear for women for a perfect vision. Here are some of them:

  • Chantal says, choose a white tweed blazer, cropped skinny jeans, and slingbacks for an elegant office look;
  • Choose a khaki V-neck ribbed knit sweater with bell sleeves to keep things casual but still ladylike. Tuck it into straight jeans and accessorize with black fat women  slingbacks;
  • They can work well for an interview, and if the trousers seem too formal, why not wear a thong instead? Thongs are appropriate for most interviews.
  • Wearing them with a white shirt tucked into trousers is the ideal interview attire for women;
  • What could be better for a warm summer day than a white shirt, blue skinny pants, and block slingbacks;
  • What about white and black? A white t-shirt, a black leather jacket, black skinny pants, and high-heeled shoes for women for a beautiful and interesting look;
  • A great option for a casual date with friends is the white V-neck top with bell sleeves that looks great with dark grey pants and block thong shoes for women.

From classic black to deep red or blue with rhinestones, there are many styles to choose from. Thongs can be worn with any outfit—you can wear them as part of an elegant ensemble or add them to your everyday outfit for a new look. Choose a pair of thongs that go well with the rest of your outfit and pair them with stunning accessories like fancy earrings and a clutch that goes with them.

A few more ideas for your outfit

chantal shoes


Pairing shabby denim with a trench coat is a great look. With heels and a flared silhouette, skinny trousers can take on an edgy look. Additionally, you can pair them with cropped ones in a variety of colours. Even if you spend the majority of your day at home, gladiator sandals or loafers made of grey wool will let you show off your sense of footwear style.

Especially when they are layered or have ruffled hems, full-length skirts are always in style. They look great and a fun t-shirt in bright colours to spice up a boring outfit. Mid-calf skirts can be paired with a navy blazer and a crisp white shirt for a more sophisticated appearance. By tying a fun belt around your skirt, you can draw attention to its waistline. Remember to select your accessories; no matter the occasion, these women’s shoes must attract everyone’s attention.

It’s always a good idea to combine something old and something new. With a floral top and slouchy trousers, you can achieve an elegant look that can be worn every day. Try putting these clothes together with other trendy accessories like a big bag or a colourful scarf. You can also wear a different kind of footwear with your outfit, like flats, sneakers, or sandals with studded straps like run-arounds, but I still recommend finishing with sling-back shoes for women.

When you need to make sure every look is perfect, black thongs are ideal. Add a touch of glitz to your everyday look by pairing them with a classic black mini-dress. Make sure your outfit has just the right amount of feminine details if you want to attend a formal evening wedding or another event.

With a striped top and solid beige pants, adorn the waist with a yellow thong and an embellished belt. Pair these pants with oversized suede boots embellished with blue and olive green rhinestones at ankle height for an adventurous appearance.


Thongs can also be worn as an accent on your legs, which is another way to wear them. To ensure each look is impeccably matched, you can coordinate your red slingbacks with an exquisite woven dress. Your look will be more feminine and elegant thanks to the delicate lace details and red colour.

Adding accessories and wearing a floral scarf around your neck can also help you look better. Women’s slingbacks are an excellent accessory for people who like to wear bright colours because they make any outfit that is already stylish enough to add some sparkle.

These were some helpful tips on how to match these slingbacks with your outfit.