A computer science student should primarily have the knowledge to handle the technological device known as computer properly so as to study the course of computer science. Computer science applies the theories and principles of engineering, mathematics to any kind of logic to a plethora which includes algorithm creation, software and hardware development and artificial intelligence.

The computer scientist utilizes this technology in order to solve the problems more efficiently in an innovative way. The student should know the basic major things such as programming language, data structures and algorithm, operating systems, networking, handling the design of computer hardware and software, theory and methods of processing information, creativity, global impact and utilizing all of them in the digital way.

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1. Programming language

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Python is one of the most popular and commonly used programming languages which is usually used by the beginners to learn as it is readable. It is also well known for machine and deep learning applications. It is used for computational as well as scientific applications like Abacus, Free CAD and other websites such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and many more.

Java is also yet another commonly used programming language which is in demand among the learners. Apart from this C, C++, Objective C, Javascript, and many more are also found to be used during their computer science programming language session.

Several IT sectors require employees who are efficient and have a solid grasp in the top most programming languages in order to meet the criteria.

2. Conceptions regarding algorithm

A programming algorithm is like a recipe that tells about the computer briefly in order to solve any problems and achieve the goal. Just like in a recipe several ingredients are required which helps to produce several outcomes; the programming algorithm also requires inputs. The results are called outputs.

So therefore, it explains how to do something, and your computer will follow the order every time. It is not a computer code; rather it is a simple language of the programmers while handling computers. The first step includes “The Start” and followed by the last step “The End”.  It is found unambiguous and often is used for performing data processing, calculations, automated reasoning and many other tasks.

3. Operating systems

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An operating system is a software system that handles and manages the hardware as well as software resources present in a computer and provides common services for computer programmers.

The student must know that every computer system must have at least one or two operating systems to run all the programs such as MS Office, Notepad, Browsers and many others.

It is software that helps to interact with the computer without knowing the computer language. It is not possible for any computer user to handle a computer without having any operating system.

4. Networking

Networking means digital interconnections that are used in a computer to produce the resources globally among the various users and let them know about the information used.

Computer science must know about several networking strategies in order to keep the network stable so that the work can be done perfectly without any interruptions.

Therefore the proper utilization of the internet connections should be known to all the computer science students in order to tackle the resources properly. “Presently I am a computer science student using a smooth airtel internet connection in order to improve my texture of work” says Bishal who is an expert with ThanksForTheHelp.

5. Creativity

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Computer science students should have creativity within them to produce the output in their study. The more they will present the creativeness and constructive outcome the more they will receive appraisals. The learners should know the basic things regarding the data structures and should know how to innovatively apply them in the practical field.

Nowadays the digital technological world requires more and more creativity and abstractness so as to produce the perfect outcome and attain the peak of success. Computer science is all about dealing with technological perspectives through computers.

Here the students use several interesting tools in order to produce relevant artifacts that are enhanced and improved by computations.

6. Theory and Methods of Processing Information

Before handling a computer a learner should know the proper way to deal with the information properly maintaining its privacy factor and by following the theories as well as methods. The information procedures are the thing the learners should know while learning a course of computer science.

Only handling the computer properly won’t do. They should know how several pieces of information are processed through computers, how to protect these data safely in both software and hardware.

Computing enables the new methods of information processing across several disciplines from art to business. The students must know how to use several new tools and technologies in several ways to handle data and transform the information and knowledge.

7. Global Impact

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Computer science students should know the huge impact of computing globally as it changed the critical thinking process of human beings, work process and living standard.

Due to computerization our way of collaborating, communicating, doing business, and problem solving methods have changed a lot and is proceeding towards innovative progress.

With the help of computer science a learner can understand the concepts of new disciplines, new technologies on the market and new discoveries.

Therefore, the students must know how to deal with these technologies globally which also enhances the other academic skills such as communicating, reading, writing and many more.


Therefore, from the above mentioned topic it is clear that the students must have at least some basic knowledge about the Programming language which helps for machine and deep learning applications, the concept of algorithm which tells about the computer precisely in order to solve any problems and achieve the goal.

The concept of operating systems should be known in order to handle the hardware and software resources, the internet connections should be well known properly, creativity should be there among the learner, several theories and methods of processing information should be known and their impact on global basis.