Have you ever wished you had a portable printer so you could print stickers or other materials wherever you are? Do you like the idea of carrying a fun gadget with you that can also be of great use in your creative work? What if we told you that there is a solution for your personalized sticker labels – so that they are always available to you, wherever you are?

And the best thing is that when you have a thermal printer like this, you can very easily integrate it even with your mobile phone. So your little art can come to life at any moment of your creation.

These are the steps you should take:

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1. Find a good sticker design ap

Source: gulmendigital.com.au

Be creative, but also use applications that will make the whole process faster and more efficient. Use combinations of vector illustrations and refine them creatively. That way, you create unique stickers that express your artistic expression.

2. Add text and more color

If you want unique and playful stickers, add as much color as possible and write some interesting text. The most beautiful stickers are always a combination of these elements. In this way, you get a useful end product that also meets your aesthetic criteria.

3. Put the thermal printer into action

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Get the right paper and enjoy the process of creating reality from your digital artwork. The combination of a mini thermal printer together with quality sticker paper makes your personalized labels look both fun and professional.

4. Cut out the stickers and use them as you like

You can use scissors, but also a special cutter for stickers. Be precise in separating the stickers from the non-adhesive base. Before applying them to a surface, clean them well so as not to trap dust and other impurities. And what remains for you is just to enjoy the works that you have created.

5. Get inspired again and start over

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Creation is a process that never stops. Creating art also means using all available resources to create new works over and over again. When you already have quality paper and a thermal printer, all your ideas can become a reality in no time. It is enough just to use the moment of inspiration and create a work that you will be satisfied with.

Who knows, maybe you have a dormant personalized sticker designer just waiting for the moment to show the world what he knows. And believe us, it is enough to have quality material to work with for the inspiration to come by itself.


It’s true – things are as easy as we described them. Anyone can design the most beautiful personalized stickers and even create a small business out of them. So what you need is a little inspiration, a lot of creativity, and of course, the right equipment for the job, including a professional mini printer, self-adhesive paper, and an application to design your artwork. And that’s all you need to express your artistic side.