Dealing with everyday struggles and responsibilities is much harder when we do not have a way to relax and enjoy ourselves. Once the work or school stop, and when the home chores and family responsibilities end for the day, the rest of the time is for ourselves. It is the time when you can do whatever makes you happy and most people strive for it every single day. Reasons for this are plenty but most of us do not get to do the things we like and that relax us nearly as much as possible. Sometimes it is not even possible to do it at all. However, finding something like this is crucial for our mental health. Anxiety, depression, and stress build up much more easily when there is nothing to combat the tight schedules and constant pressure.

Are you in the same boat and do you even have such an activity? If not, it would be high time you found one. It is common for many to pick up a physical activity or a sport to fill out their day. Staying active benefits us in more ways than one, but how do you make the ultimate choice of what to go with? Well, if thinking out of the box is what you need, why not try skateboarding? Both a legitimate sport and a fun social activity, it has all it takes to improve your mental health if you develop a habit of doing it. In this article we talk about learning to skateboard and bring you 7 reasons why it will surely improve your mental health. Read on to find out more about this and if you need more advice, a great place to start is

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1. Perfect for Socializing


Mental health depends heavily on interactions with other people and spending less time alone. Anxiety and stress are more easily developed when we are alone with our thoughts. Skateboarding is good at combating this because skate parks are full of skateboarders who came to do the same thing as you. The culture of the sport is a relaxed and welcoming one and bonds are formed quite easily. There are not many activities that you can socialize as well as in skateboarding, even if you do not know anybody at the park. You will meet some great people along the way and build strong relationships, helping your mental health in the process. It will also help you stay young at heart and make you feel younger since most skateboarders are teens and adolescents.

2. It is a Challenging Workout

While it may seem like leisure activity that does not do much in terms of exercise, skateboarding is actually quite challenging and demanding. It can even be the thing you need to get back in shape. Cruising on the deck involves constant leg, hip, and arm movements, which is important for balance and core strength. An hour of skating can burn anywhere from 400 and 800 calories, depending on how quick and how hard you go. While it may not seem as hard as the more popular sports or disciplines, just take a look at how sweaty and out of breath skateboarders can get following their session.

3. It Is Very Competitive

Since it is a sport, skateboarding can get quite competitive even on the amateur level we are talking about here. Of course, those who are good at it naturally and who have professional dreams should definitely chase them, but as a hobby it is still a good way to challenge yourself. Doing tricks or just racing against others is great for your competitiveness, and therefore your mental health. Pushing yourself to become better by testing your skills against others causes positive things to happen in our brain and our body. It can help in many other fields of life too, especially with training your patience.

4. Fear Training

There is no denying the fact that skateboarding is dangerous. Challenging and difficult in many ways, it is a very rough sport in which participants find themselves injured more often than they would like to. Sprains, fractures, cuts, and trauma all happen quite often. Because of thus, as well as the very fear of moving fast while doing all sorts of tricks, facing skateboarding could be the perfect thing to combat fear. Fear can cause a lot of pressure, anxiety, and stress in daily life. Becoming less frightened should be one of the goals of anyone who wishes to become more successful, relaxed, and open to new things. Once you conquer skateboarding many other things will become a piece of cake.

5. Relaxing and Refreshing

Here is one of the simpler reasons why skateboarding benefits mental health. Cruising around your town without a care in the world is enough to make the most troubled individuals happy and relaxed. There is nothing quite like aimlessly driving or riding around. Since you are probably used to cars and bicycles, maybe a new way to move through the place you know is the thing you now need. The light breeze on your face, the sounds of the city as you buzz through, and the sunshine that you expose yourself too will recharge your batteries and help you rewind every time you do it.

6. Engages the Mind Too

A lot of sports are equal parts a mental and a physical challenge, but skateboarding takes it to another level. There is a lot to think about once you step onto the deck and start moving. From the pressure on the different points of the board to the speed you are comfortable with, it can be a lot on the brain. For this very reason it is good for mental health. Training your mind and finding new ways to skateboard, new routes to take, new tricks to do, and safety measures to employ are done at the same time, all whole you use most of your body to balance yourself and keep moving.

7. Creativity and Art


Last but not least, skateboarding has a tight connection with art. Fashion, visual art, and music are all integral parts of the skateboarding lifestyle. If you manage to take part in all of it, your entire approach and experience will change and the overall effect on your whole being will be stronger and better. From decorating your board to finding out new fashion styles and music, it is all beneficial for your general mental well-being.