Like any other country, Canada is also a country that allows people from other counties to move into their country and settle there for a specific time.

The time that you are allotted to live in Canada depends greatly on the type of visa that you have applied for, for example, if you have applied for a study permit than you are required to leave the country after you have completed your studies. On the other hand, if you have applied for Canadian citizenship you will be able to live the rest of your lives in Canada.

But Canadian immigration is not something that can be bought by simply going to the Canadian embassy of your respective country and it takes a plethora of documents and certificates to even apply for a Canadian immigration visa. As we know that is difficult to obtain all those documents and certificates, especially if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into.

So to ease your difficulties and help you understand what you need to apply for a Canadian immigration visa we have written this article that is going to help you acquire the right documents and certificates beforehand so that your visa application process goes as smoothly as possible. So without any further delays let’s get started.

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Medical Examination Confirmation

This is the first and one of the most important certificates that you have to provide in the immigration application and without it, your immigration application will be considered incomplete and will be rejected, this is because Canada places a huge constraint on people coming to the country that they should be completely fit and don’t have any terminal illness or any other problems.

Since Canada provides free medical care for all their citizens, they make sure that they don’t allow any people that the country has to care for and bear their expenses, plus this also makes sure that any contagious illness or viruses don’t get into the country. This conformation is completely mandatory and if the person does not pass the exams they will most likely be rejected, so that’s why this is extremely important.

Police Certificate

Another Major requirement for moving to Canada is that you should not be a criminal by any accounts, that’s why it is mandatory to get your police certificate to verify the embassy that you don’t have any criminal charges against you.

This is necessary because Canada or any other country would not like to have their country fill up with criminals or any other faulty people, that’s why the Canadian government has made it mandatory for people that are trying to apply for the immigration to have a valid police certificate ensuring that the person does not have any past criminal records. This again is a mandatory step and if you cannot provide this certificate then you will most likely be rejected from the list of candidates.

Travel Documents and Passport

It should be clear to you now that if you want to travel abroad you need to have a valid passport and travel documents ready and up to date for your trip, this is essentially the case because you will be traveling to Canada as well.

Canadian immigration laws require to submit a bunch of travel documents in the application form to verify that you are cleared for travel, this requirement is a little complicated and it is recommended for you to hire an immigration lawyer from to help you along the way and make things easy for you.

Travel documents like visa, passport among others are required to be submitted with other things for you to be able to qualify for the immigration application. Again this is one of those things that is completely mandatory and there is no alternative for it as well.

Proof of Work

Well, this is something a little simpler to do because if you are going to be applying for an immigration visa you should have a valid job to support you through the process of immigration, it helps a lot if you already have a job letter for a company that is located in Canada itself.

Having a job means that the Canadian government won’t have to support you and you will be able to pay your dues and taxes without any problems. This again is a mandatory requirement and your application will be automatically rejected if you don’t have proof of work. Even if you don’t have a valid proof of work in Canada you will still need to add it to the application, you will just have to add your job or work in your current country.

Proof of Funds

Well, it must be obvious to you that you will need a significant amount of money to immigrate to Canada especially if you originate from a third world country. The immigration application requires you to add proof of funds in your application so that they can verify your funds and accept your application.

This is extremely important because if you do not have the required funds to use once you have immigrated to Canada you will not be given the required immigration visa.

Another reason is that if you don’t have enough funds, you will not be able to pay the immigration fees so it will be a waste of resources, that’s why the application process requires you to have the minimum amount of funds to pay the future fees and without it, your application will be rejected.

Other Items

Stated above are the items that are mandatory for people that are applying for a Canadian immigration visa, other than these some several other documents and certificates are needed on a case to case basis and will only be disclosed to you once you have applied for the application.

But the essential documents and certificates that are most certainly required and without it your application will not be accepted are all stated above.

When you will visit an embassy a representative will also guide you through the process of applying, but it is defiantly recommended to have the above items ready when they ask for it.