For over a decade now, we all have been witnessing some huge changes in our financial and economic world. The main change here is, understandably as you probably expect, about digital assets, or to be more precise, digital currency. Now, we all know how the crypto market is one where you can earn the most profits, and many are also familiar with the term called volatility, what it means and how it affects the value of some crypto. Even those who are still entirely against cryptos are well informed about the latest changes in the crypto market, but, like with most things, it’s also great to take a break from everyday news and changes and take a closer look at how it all started.

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Movies as a great informative tool

As already mentioned, there are many ways we can get all the info may seek, and a simple Internet search and some research, in general, will do the job, but there is one way to get both all the info you may need and didn’t know before and a great mix of facts and tips at the same time. Namely, one of the best ways to draw people’s attention and provide them with good and quality content has been about videos, especially today when we are all constantly on our phones and tablets. That is why watching movies and docu movies on such topics as cryptocurrencies, their origin, and meaning can really expand your knowledge about what makes cryptos so great, why there is such hype over them, and what to expect from it in the future. For those not aware of all the movies about cryptos, we created the list of the top five movies you simply must see in order to understand better their meaning and influence on global economics, so let’s start.


Well, this is the movie whose name tells us a lot, and we exactly know what we watch and what to expect. Although the name is too obvious, the movie is probably one of the most quality ones when it comes to this subject. It was released three years ago, and since today, the critics have been great, and people love it. It is about the crypto, of course, but it is more than it since this movie is a thriller with elements of crime drama, which present cryptos in the way regular people see them. Some of the famous superstars took a role in this movie, and that makes it even more popular among viewers. They lead us through various situations and explain all the crypto terms to us in an interesting way.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain


Many people are not sure what blockchain technology is and how it works, and they cannot find enough well-explained articles to help them understand, so they avoid using it. Luckily, for those who want to learn more, there is a perfect documentary that explains everything they should know about blockchain and its widespread usage today. We can see how this technology originated and how its usage became so big that today we can have fast and secure crypto transactions thanks to it in this documentary. The producer did his best to make blockchain closer to the people and help them understand the logical and technical aspects of this network, so if you want to learn more in an interesting way, this is the right movie for you.

Banking on Bitcoin

This movie, written and directed by Christopher Cannucciari, is by many the one that best describes both Bitcoin and its essence, along with the latest technological breakthroughs. Unlike most documentaries, this one is not just about facts and dates, as it has a great story and coverage on the people responsible for defining how the tech will yet transform and shape our lives. Of course, it all starts from the very beginning, 2008, and follows every significant and notable change, and if you really want to get into specifics of how turbulent the BTC journey was until 2016 (date of release), this movie should be on top of your must-watch list.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

If you are one of those people who are interested in Bitcoin but do not have enough time or patience to read articles with complicated terms or watch movies that last forever, this one is a perfect choice. If you decide to watch this documentary movie, you will need only 35 minutes, and for that time, it is possible to learn a lot about this popular cryptocurrency and the whole market. It contains answers to many questions and critics about Bitcoin and explains many complicated things to the viewer in only half an hour. That means if you want to learn more, the lack of free time is not an excuse.

Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency


We already mentioned one documentary that lasts only half an hour, and if it is still too long for you, do not worry because there is an even shorter episode that covers a lot of things about cryptos. Netflix fans probably heard about it since it is their realization, and this documentary lasts only for 14minutes. It is literally the episode of their Explained series that you can watch during the coffee break and learn much new information in less than 15minutes. There is no need to worry because 14 minutes are enough to explain the basics and improve your knowledge about this topic in a short amount of time.


Seeing movies mentioned on this list will give you a much better insight into that much-needed background of cryptocurrencies and will surely debunk several myths, especially those regarding common beliefs that it is all just a hoax. It is still a relatively new market, meaning that we can yet expect changes and big movements, but one thing is sure, cryptos will stay with us for quite some time. So, get on that crypto train and start investing because it is a great opportunity to earn a lot, and even if you don’t know anything about trading, the trading software will help you extract maximum profitability with ease, and for more info on that, visit this site.