Do you envy your friends flaunting perfect tan they got during their vacations at a Carribean island? Do you hate flashing fish white belly while your friend circle is making talks about the tanning sessions? IF yes, you too can get the perfect natural tone and shade without having to visit Hawaii.

Having fair skin is considered a blessing. For centuries, fairer people were symbolized as superior beings, but the time has changed drastically, and when humans finally harmonized, a newer and bigger problem emerged. It was tanning. Tanning is the new cool, and a lot of people would do anything to get a perfect tan. But what if you don’t have time and yet you dream of flawless tanned skin?

Your wish can come true with a spray tan. It doesn’t take much time and doesn’t cost as extravagant as going on vacation. However, getting spray tan can be tricky, and if not done right, you might end up embarrassing yourself.

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Choose the right shade

A single shade is never ideal for everybody. So, when booking an appointment, ask the tanning shop if they have a variety of tones and hues available. The last thing you’d want is looking like a carrot.

Get cleaned

Before you show up at your nearest tanning shop, there are a few things you have to get rid of. Anything that can act as a barrier between your skin and tanning molecules needs to be removed. Erase your makeup thoroughly. Clean any deodorant or antiperspirant roll on. Take a shower and exfoliate if you have to and do not apply any kind of lotion or moisturizer.

Tell them your requirements

Talk to your tanning experts about your tanning needs. Do you want to get a vacation like tan or Lindsay Lohan like? The dark or more in-depth spray will last longer. If you’re getting tanned for some occasions, specifically mention that.

Visible patches or not

Visible white patches aren’t good. It’ll give your tanning secret away. If your tanning shop is automated, you need to get undressed and have sprayed all over. If you’re a guy, wearing shorts or briefs will only make you look like a smurf. Same with the ladies unless you want to have an Amazon basin lining appearing over your waist and back.

The technique

Every tanner has a special technique not known to others and they use it in tandem with best spray tan machines, according to Luxeluminous. They use it to maximize the perfection like asking you to bring your knuckles or spread your fingers or spread other parts. Some tan artist would spray your front, let it dry and then spray your back, while others would do both sides simultaneously and use an air dryer to dry you off quickly. You must not panic whatever technique they use, it’s their job.

It’s not forever

Just like a suntan, spray tanning doesn’t last either though you can make it last longer with touch-ups but eventually it will go away. You can get a tanning machine and use it yourself whenever you like. And when you wash, you’ll see the color coming down to your towel, and even clothes so are prepared for that as well.

Spray tan may not be natural and sometimes dangerous and yet it is the best way to get tanned quickly. Although one must always go with the natural means of collecting dark pigments.