The internet is full of images, our live is full moments, pictures and faces. It is your choice which to select and store forever.

Happiness Printed is a daughter-project of 100happydays foundation. Aligned with the mission of the foundation, the goal of Happiness Printed is to enable building a new world around you focused on daily moments that make you happy.


Carry your happiest moments in your purse, hang them on the bedroom wall, put on your work desk, send as a thank you note, leave one for a stranger on the bus stop. Happiness Printed blends the momentary property of a happy moment with an opportunity to share it timelessly via the combination of high class printing to emphasize preciousness of the moment and heavier texture materials to convey its timelessness and value. Surround yourself with the moments that remind you about the beauty of your life and watch it bloom.


As the result of our commitment to happiness of print creators and the mother nature, we strive to find positive meaning even in the most standardized steps of print creation.

1. Print request

We are the first platform to offer a business model focused on maximizing happiness of our print creators. We provide two options to make an impact with your print requests: follow over 60% of print creators and pay it forward for an absolutely unknown print creator; or choose to donate to one of partner organizations focusing on global well-being.

2. Pre-print

We aim at reaching 100% of our pre-print materials to be compiled by local people with disabilities. Working on crafting someone’s happy moments brings incredible joy and the sense of purpose to this group of generally unemployed people.

3.  Printing

With paper as the main medium,we take particular care of its choice to keep the mother nature happy as well. Munken paper by Arctic Paper used to produce prints is FSC™ certified – the mark of responsible forestry. FSC-C022692 and PEFC certified.

4. Shipping

In the trade-off between the speed of delivery and minimal environmental impact, we focus on the latter. Although express shipping options are available, by default we ship all created prints by priority mail instead of next day delivery.